Subtitled: In Heaven’s Eyes

Normally, when you see a post from me, you can assume it’s my thoughts, my story, and/or the things God is teaching me along this journey called life. This post is different though. It’s not my story but one I am merely privileged to share because it is a story worth sharing.

I met Amos, age 10, at the Sandi Patty / Veritas concert in Marietta, Ohio. He sat across the aisle from me – front row, with yellow roses in hand. It was his third time seeing the “Forever Grateful” show and he had come to see “Miss Sandi Patty” one last time before she retired.

After the concert this little boy who “never knew a stranger” gave me a huge hug and even kissed the right side of my face. He was just the most adorable little guy I’d ever met! I got to know Amos’ mom Tina after the show and she shared with me a little about Amos’ background.

And I have the privilege of sharing it with you. Written by Tina, this is Amos’ story:

Three Sandi Patty concerts? Three? Yes, three! Obsessions are common for people with the same disabilities as Amos. Most of his friends obsess over Darth Vader or professional wrestlers. My son obsesses over Sandi Patty, and yes, I reinforce that obsession. Why? Well, the obvious answer is because I don’t want him obsessing over Darth Vader or professional wrestlers, but mostly because I am thankful that he has chosen someone of such character and class to be the primary focus of his life.

First, who is Amos? The sad answer is that nobody really knows. He was born in China, but we have no idea when. Abandoned outside the orphanage gate, a doctor guessed that he was eight months old, and assigned him the birth date of December 21, 2006. Then, eight years of being hated and abused in every way imaginable followed. I had no idea that Amos even existed until I “just happened” to be at the orphanage to adopt an older girl who was about to “age out.” It was then that this little boy walked up to me, took my hand, looked deep into my eyes, and said “Mumma?” In that moment, my heart sank. “Who? What? How?” were all questions that rushed through my mind, but the biggest question was “God, why?” Along with my new daughter, I left the orphanage that day with a little boy’s “birthday,” a name, and more questions than answers.

Miracle after miracle happened. Despite violating several state, national, and international codes, my home study agency, my adoption agency, the United States government, and the People’s Republic of China all consented to the adoption! Oh, and Amos wasn’t even officially available for adoption. I’m sparing you the details, but want to make sure to emphasize that each of these is a huge miracle that can only come from the one true God!

Then there is the money factor. Most people have automobile debt and credit card debt. Well, I have adoption debt. I’m not okay with that, until I think of all that my son went through. To put it into perspective, as soon as I signed the adoption papers the orphanage director looked at me and said “you never should have signed that – he’s a bad bad boy.” No, he is a very precious boy who is gifted at playing drums, brings such fun and laughter into our home, and is “Mr. Personality.”

So, yes, I take him to lots of Sandi Patty concerts. And, lots of tears flow from this “Mumma.” Why? Because during those three hours, my son is loved for who he is. During those three hours, everyone only sees the good in my son and not his issues. During those three hours, my son is free from the demons of his past. During those three hours, this “Mumma” gets to watch her son just be a happy little boy loving life. So, yes, I will continue to take him to as many Sandi Patty concerts as possible.

“Mr. Personality” is a testimony of God’s provision and how every single person is fearfully and wonderfully made. And, his story isn’t complete since God is writing it every day!

There are 153 million “Amos'” in the world. Not everybody is called to adopt, but we are all called to care for orphans. If you are called to adopt, know that nobody is ever “ready” and it’s never “a good time.” But, think of the other side of that coin…it’s never a good time to be an orphan. If you are not called to adopt, there are so many fun ways to serve orphans. Organize a clothing drive, collect a card shower to send to tired and underappreciated orphanage workers, partner as a prayer warrior for a specific orphan, etc. The possibilities are endless! Just as I didn’t know that Amos even existed, many others don’t know if we don’t share.

Feel free to contact me – I’ll gladly answer any questions!





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