Subtitled: Lesser Things

[Caution: a more personal blog than usual]

A few months ago I met a guy. We had mutual friends in common and so after I confirmed that he wasn’t “some crazy,” we started talking. The circumstances that brought us to be in the same place at the same time were so improbable that it could not have been coincidental. I was convinced God was at work. It was a great few weeks until one day *poof* he disappeared. To use a Harry Potter term, he apparated. I was left desperately trying to figure out what I had said or what had gone so terribly wrong. Why had he so completely pushed me away? I well and truly struggled for a while.

This week as I was praying on my way to work I was reminded of two lines from a song. “And all the while, You hear each spoken need, yet love us way too much to give us lesser things.” Honestly, I cried. God’s love is so great that He doesn’t give us lesser things. The Father wants only the highest and best for His children. As I’ve pondered this over recent days I realized that it’s not that good things aren’t good, but good things may be less than something even better.

As humans we like to fill our lives with more, even “good” mores: people/relationships, technology/hobbies, career, food, etc. But sometimes in our pursuit of more, we can find ourselves with less. Connecting with the wrong people, be it in relationship or just community, causes heartache or worse. The “perfect job” that we’ve been striving for comes at the expense of family time.

Sometimes when we pause and examine our lives, we realize that less can indeed be more. What you have right now, as imperfect as it is, may indeed be better than if you were to add “more” or pursue “better.”

In my own life and situation I know that my job isn’t perfect, it’s not the top of the hierarchy but I enjoy going to work each day and it pays enough to cover my bills with a little left over. Yes, I could go for something “more” to allow for “more” left over, but in that pursuit I may find myself infinitely less happy. As much as I desire a hand to hold, I know that the wrong relationship isn’t going to add to my life but diminish it.

There are times we might be frustrated with God and what we think He should be doing but isn’t, but as the song goes, He hears “each spoken need, yet love us way too much to give us lesser things.” Be reminded of that.


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