Subtitled: Remembering God

Ten years ago this month I wrote for my first article as a “guest columnist” for the local paper. I wrote dozens of articles over the two years I lived in Marietta, and the newspaper gave me carte blanche in what to write but they mostly centred on events or mini-sermons. This was my “Memorial Day” article in 2008. I’ve edited it a bit for modernization but otherwise, I post it as it was written.

Today we celebrate Memorial Day. A day about remembrance. Remembering the past in celebration of the present. In thinking about Memorial Day, I wanted to do a bit of Biblical remembrance.

Noah is remembered as the man who was in the 40 day flood. What many times we fail to realize is that this faithful man of God was actually in the ark for months. Genesis 7:17 says that was how long “the flood kept coming on the earth.” The last sentence before the eighth chapter says, “The waters flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days.” (That’s nearly half a year!) We’re not talking about a cruise vacation here- can you only imagine! The smells of the animals after this long period of time… the “family togetherness” for that amount of time. Yet, what did it say in the scripture- “But God remembered Noah.” God had provided before the flood and would continue to provide. He wouldn’t just leave them floating forever, but remembered them and remedied the situation. He sent wind to dry the waters, and another two months later they were able to disembark from their floating home to re-establish life on the earth again.

God remembered Noah- and God provided.

This is just one instance of many in the Bible where God remembered- and then provided. Yet, sometimes we fail to remember that the God of the Old and New Testaments is the same God who watches over each of us. He will remember us- and He will provide. We just have to keep remembering Him.

Quite frankly, we’re a society that isn’t very good at remembering things. We use post-its, calendars, and even our cell phones to remember things. I keep a Google Calendar that contains all my dates and schedules in a clear and succinct manner. Even my time with God is typed into my digital calendar. Yep, God has His scheduled time slot. Once I hit my high school into college years truthfully, I had a hard time remembering God. He would get lost in just the everyday craziness of life. Not only would He get lost, but then all the blessings and answers that came along with remembering God went wholly unnoticed. God had remembered me, had provided so much more than I could ask or imagine- but I just didn’t see it.

How about you? When was the last time you remembered God? Fully stopped the hamster wheel of life and took notice of Him. Noted the blessings He had given, the answers He had provided, and the love and forgiveness which is available to all. This Memorial Day, in your time of remembering those who have served for our freedoms, stop for a moment and remember God who graced us with ultimate freedom. He remembers us in our storms and trials, our slavery and bondage, in our heartaches and pains.

We need to be remembering Him this day, and every day.


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