I’m Karen!

I “used to” be a writer! It started with Xanga (remember that era?!) and then processed to Facebook Notes, and for about two years I was even a “guest writer” for a small town newspaper. This was in addition to being a pastor who composed nearly weekly sermons. I haven’t written in a very, very long time.

But I’ve felt the urge to start again and finally set up a blog. It’s a mix of old writings but also new. It’s called “Subtitled” because often there is a “Title” for something but then a “Subtitle” or a “Tag Line” that gives a bit of insight into the actual theme. If you talk about “Life” there are millions of little subtitles along the way. Bits of insight that give meaning to the overall theme of existence. So these are my little subtitled thoughts that happen and I think maybe someone someday might connect with.

I’d love to hear your feedback (but give me some grace, I haven’t done this in over three years!)